Friday, July 2, 2010

Today's adventure with a new lens

I'm currently borrowing a couple lens from a fish eye and a macro. These are pricely lens and I as a buyer would like to know if I love the lens before I make such a big purchase..if that makes sense. Anyway these are some views from the 16mm Fish Eye lens! I love it! Its a lot of fun, I havn't quite mastered it, but as its only my first day with it and its not mine but deal with me as I have fun lol.

My oldest Seth. He's a handy model.

My lovely min pin Harley! She loves to pose for mommy hehe.


More to come tomorrow as I have a session and will be take fireworks pictures as well. So I will have tons of fish eye pictures as i try to figure this out.

Comments are always appreciated!! I like knowing you like what you see!


  1. they look great! I've always wanted to use a fish eye lens.

  2. Oh man! What kind of dog is that? It looks like my little Bosco, but we're not sure what kind he is [he's a rescu dog]! We've guessed everything from rat terrier, to chihuahua/shep mix!


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