Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spish Splash! Pool Time!

Yesterday we all sat outside in the driveway we let the boys swim in a small air up pull, while butthead worked on his car(he is attempting to 'restore' a '95 Camaro Z28, he got used, engine blew etc). So while he was getting all dirty, I joined the boys in the 'pool'. They had a blast, I of course took a few pictures of them while they were playing! I only got my youngest as he was splashing on just one side, while my oldest was all over the place.

This little guy was flying around and stopped for a minute or two. I managed to get a few nice pictures of him.

When I get bored I tend to take pictures of myself, lol. Usually with my lovely Iphone but this time I attempted to to 'self portraits' holding the big camera up. I'm always terrified I'm going to drop it lol.

yay!! Well thats me!! Aren't I pretty? hehe.

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