Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spish Splash! Pool Time!

Yesterday we all sat outside in the driveway we let the boys swim in a small air up pull, while butthead worked on his car(he is attempting to 'restore' a '95 Camaro Z28, he got used, engine blew etc). So while he was getting all dirty, I joined the boys in the 'pool'. They had a blast, I of course took a few pictures of them while they were playing! I only got my youngest as he was splashing on just one side, while my oldest was all over the place.

This little guy was flying around and stopped for a minute or two. I managed to get a few nice pictures of him.

When I get bored I tend to take pictures of myself, lol. Usually with my lovely Iphone but this time I attempted to to 'self portraits' holding the big camera up. I'm always terrified I'm going to drop it lol.

yay!! Well thats me!! Aren't I pretty? hehe.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Heart Faces "Purple Photo" Photo Challenge

A few days ago I go the opportunity to shoot my best friends niece. Her and my oldest has a crush one one another, we had to get a few pictures of them two together. Here is my play for 'purple' this week.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Snap shots from today.

This weekend a very good friend of mine came to visit me for the weekend, as always its a great time! This time she brought her niece so I could snap a few pictures of her in the tutu I made for her. Seth and her and have a crush on each other so we played into that too. So here'a  few pictures for you, enjoy!!

As always if interested in a session check out Contact me on facebook or email for more information!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sneak Peek for D

oday I had a maternity session, this couple was a lot of fun, very goofy. This session was gifted by D's sister in law, isnt that nice of her to do? We had tons of fun this evening, very greatful it wasnt very hot like last night. A 9 month preggo person wouldnt be very happy, but she was happy as can be while we walked around, which I'm very greatful for!

So without further ado here is your sneak peak! I hope you like them.

And M I'll be seeing you soon I hope!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My family pictures...

As always when I try something new family is generally the first few people I turn too. We finally had a chance to take some much needed family pictures. The last set of pictures we had done was when Xavier(our youngest) was 7months, it was before my husband had deployed. He is now 2 and a half, yes way overdue. When he turned 1yr the 3 of us took some without daddy, I don't count those lol. I'll stop blabbering now...

I took them myself using self timer, lots of time and amazingly everyone looked at the 'flashing light' each time. Besides it be extermely warm yesterday I'm very happy on how they turned out! I will be ordering a canvas sized picture. So I can show it off, so maybe YOU will order one for yourself. I'm very excited! Now just to get some with just hubby and I.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sneak Peek of K

This evening I had the great opportunity to have a photo session with Kendria. It went went! She photographs so easily, which is always a plus for me. We talked, wondered around thinking of new things we do or try between the two of us lots of creativity! She rocked this amazing dress, if I say so myself! Overall I'd say it was a pretty awesome, minus it being so flipping hot! Here's a sneak peak for you Kendria! I hope you like it!!  

If you're interested in a session please don't hesitate to contact me! If you want to my details please check out my website or contact me on facebook.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My first try at developing film

I've been quite a busy bee lately. First I made a tutu which is for sale, any color custom made to your fitting, with purchase of a session. Which isn't bad if you think about it, my fee is $40 you get me for at least 3 hrs(what a deal), and I capture any image I get. With your $40 purchase you get a free print of your choice up and an 8x10 AND with $10 more you can receive a custom made tutu that you can use during the shoot or not at all! That's great if you break it down.
Anyway, a couple months ago my friend Essy and I went out shooting/scouting together she was teaching me the ways of film photography and I digital to her, it was great! I used her film camera, and she used my digital. It was tons of fun of course! We found this amazingly beautiful spot that looks like it's been just left to 'rot', so we got a little muddy, the car and us to get some amazing pictures there! Which now we'll go back since its dry now.
 Now that we've had the time I got to develop my lovely images that I captured that day, I was quite surprised with how much actually goes into it with film. But it was so worth the process!
Here are a few pictures that I've got printed out :)

My negatives:

Essy with my camera :)

The lovely Rachel! This is the place I was talking about...

Thanks Essy for a great experience :) Thanks everyone for reading hehe.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My first tutu

I'm being a nice 'aunty' and making my long time friends niece a tutu for her birthday party this weekend! I'm also making a matching one for her baby doll. She loved the one I had her model for, so it was fitting for her to have her own.

Don't mind my box as a holder, I didn't have anything else to put it on. And I used my car to keep it high so you can see detail! Anyway, I am proud to announce that I will be selling custom made tutus for $10 with a purchase of a session!

Interested in a session check out
Any questions or anything I can help you with you may contact me thru email which is available on the website or message me on my facebook!

I hope to see you soon!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fireworks, yay!!

I really need to get creative with these titles lol.
My first attempt with fireworks! Friday after Dani's session we got invited to see some fireworks with them that a local church was hosting, of course we went! Who doesn't love fireworks!  I'm slightly upset with myself because I didn't use a tripod. Why you ask? Well cause I lost 1 flipping piece to my tripod, that part that holds the camera in place...yep, lost it! I was a bit irate with myself and the tripod lol. But a few of us brainstormed on how to make it work, so these were taken on a roof of a car. Not too bad, if I say so myself! Tonight will be much better as I have a complete tripod hehe.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sneak Peek for Dani

I hosted my first contest a few weeks ago called Rock the Dress. After a week long voting period very close in voting, Dani won! I had the opportunity to do her session Friday. It was a great time with Dani tons of laughs.

If you're interested in scheduling a Rock the Dress session and considered about pricing check out for all your detailed information! If you need anymore you can contact me with any questions or concerns.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today's adventure with a new lens

I'm currently borrowing a couple lens from a fish eye and a macro. These are pricely lens and I as a buyer would like to know if I love the lens before I make such a big purchase..if that makes sense. Anyway these are some views from the 16mm Fish Eye lens! I love it! Its a lot of fun, I havn't quite mastered it, but as its only my first day with it and its not mine but deal with me as I have fun lol.

My oldest Seth. He's a handy model.

My lovely min pin Harley! She loves to pose for mommy hehe.


More to come tomorrow as I have a session and will be take fireworks pictures as well. So I will have tons of fish eye pictures as i try to figure this out.

Comments are always appreciated!! I like knowing you like what you see!
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