Friday, July 9, 2010

My first try at developing film

I've been quite a busy bee lately. First I made a tutu which is for sale, any color custom made to your fitting, with purchase of a session. Which isn't bad if you think about it, my fee is $40 you get me for at least 3 hrs(what a deal), and I capture any image I get. With your $40 purchase you get a free print of your choice up and an 8x10 AND with $10 more you can receive a custom made tutu that you can use during the shoot or not at all! That's great if you break it down.
Anyway, a couple months ago my friend Essy and I went out shooting/scouting together she was teaching me the ways of film photography and I digital to her, it was great! I used her film camera, and she used my digital. It was tons of fun of course! We found this amazingly beautiful spot that looks like it's been just left to 'rot', so we got a little muddy, the car and us to get some amazing pictures there! Which now we'll go back since its dry now.
 Now that we've had the time I got to develop my lovely images that I captured that day, I was quite surprised with how much actually goes into it with film. But it was so worth the process!
Here are a few pictures that I've got printed out :)

My negatives:

Essy with my camera :)

The lovely Rachel! This is the place I was talking about...

Thanks Essy for a great experience :) Thanks everyone for reading hehe.

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