Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Turkey Day, Christmas and New Year!

I'm horrible, I havent posted a blog in what seems and feels like forever. Honestly I haven't been busy at all, at least with photography anyway. Life just kinda happens that way, you know? It got cold and not everyone is as crazy as I am by going out in the cold and taking pictures. But I do take them, just not as often as I should, as well as not posting them here. But that will soon change, I have loads of new things I get to use so I'll be putting those to the test very soon. Its the new year, which means new beginnings for everyone. In the mean time you'll probably be seeing more of my boys in pictures till it warms up some more. This weather is crazy, but hey thats the midwest for you!

I do have something to show you. On Christmas Eve I did manage to set up something. I was able to get macro water droplets and I'm fairly proud of them if I say so myself.

Thanks for looking! I hope everyone got what they were wanting for Christmas and had a great New Year!

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