Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday Pictures for my own!

We attempted them, he wasnt to into them this time. That happens though when you have a very active almost 3yr old though. I'm just happy he at least cooperated a little bit during the whole thing. It was a very short, umm.. session with him lol. I'll be doing more next weekend hopefully when we have more time, we're planning his birthday party Saturday so all week we've been extremely busy making sure we have everything we need. As moms know its a never ending job double, triple checking the list.

So without further ado...

This one is my favorite^^^ he was so into it.

He didnt care to much for this! We got a bit gutsy on the rocks, I dont think he cared to much for my idea.

Oh how I love my boy! Well I shall return sometime during the week with birthday party pictures and hopefully I'll get some more big 3 pictures from him. Then next month I get to do it all again with the number 6!! My kids are getting so big =(

Thanks for reading!

Ps. if you're interested in a session check out for more details.

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