Saturday, October 16, 2010

How they grow so fast...

your kids grow so fast, its quite insane. Here I am with an almost 6yr old and a 3yr old. My oldest is in Kindergarten. We took a shoot and did our own pictures. He decided he would talk to me throughout the whole process, lol. We talked about what kind of funny phrases we would say, stinky butt was his favorite. He couldn't stand still either lol, which is normal for him. He's non stop all day..he's been that way from far back as I can remember. He's like an energizer bunny..he keeps going and going lol. I love him though, he's a huge sweetheart when he's being like his daddy and a butthead(love you babe).

Well I feel like I've chatted enough, so here we go! Seths kindergarten pictures!


If you are interested in doing a session with your school aged kid please contact me. I do have packages just for school pictures. Check out or contact me on facebook/email.

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