Friday, September 24, 2010

Every Princess has her Day!!! Part 1

1st birthday that is!! Of course there are tons of days a pretty princess would have...lots of important birthdays. But we first need to get over the 1st birthday for us moms. I blabber, lol sorry! Let's move forward, as I posted on my facebook I took a trip to Texas! It was a mini vacation for myself but more so for business. I wonderful friend of mine paid me to come down to take her daughters birthday pictures in all aspects of it. So here I am today with quite a few pictures to show you guys, I'm proud of them though. Since this is such a huge photo share they will be in seperate blogs.

First lets start with the Princess' Party!! Who doesnt love parties?

Jessa's cake smash! Well after :)

The cake that mommy worked very hard to make for her princess.

Present time!!

Time for Birthday Cake!

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  1. Rach these are so cute!! I love them!!!


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