Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Peeks

I'm going to try to do something new, hopefully I'll remember to do this every weekend. If not then remind me please? I often take pictures of whats going on in my own house, I just always fail to show it. Well let me rephrase that I dont share with you all what I do at home. Hopefully this will change all that, at least give you a perspective what I do in a day.

We have a german shepard named Lulu. She's a spoiled baby hehe. She tends to think she can sit on the couch and take up all the room. I was booted off the couch and onto the floor, which kinda worked out cause i can get cool shoots like this.

My husband and I got bored and started playing with the boys' hand light thing, for the life of me I cannot remember whats it called. Anyway we turned off all the lights and just had fun with it. This is one of my favorites that we did.

Thanks for taking a sneak peek into my daily life :)

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