Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday Sneak Peek

Ok I realize I'm a few days late, but I have very good reason. We had a very busy Sunday! My husband and I had a day away from the kids, it was so nice! We went to the casino, I turned $20 into $50. I'm a baller haha. Then we looked around at Nebraska Furniture Mart after we went to the movies and saw Rango! Had such a nice day away from the boys.

Now for your sneak peek, don't get mad at me Im a little late. I'm gonna work on something to post on Tuesdays too. Trying to figure out super cute names. I'm rambling again. Have you ever noticed how much work they give kindergartners? Well if you don't have one in school yet, you'll understand soon enough. If you've been there done that kind of thing, its insane on how much they need them to know just in Kindergarten. I don't remember needing to know all this.

Seth is working on math work, he loves numbers so this comes naturally to him.

Thanks for looking!

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